Granite Installation in Dallas

Granite Installation

Granite countertops are a desired amenity in many homes, and it’s no wonder considering how beautiful and durable it is and how much value granite countertops can it can add to your home. Some noticeable Dallas landmarks are made of granite as well! It makes up the hardest countertop material, not to mention that it’s unmatched as a choice for professional kitchens or beautiful bathrooms.

It would be difficult to install a large slab of granite all on your own though, which is why professional installation is a must.

When or Why You Need To Replace My Granite

You might think of replacing your granite only when it’s on its last leg. But when might that be? If you see your granite looking a bit dull and scratched even after its been cleaned and polished, it might be time to replace it.

All granite countertops should be resealed every 2-4 years, and replaced every 10-15 depending on how much damage and wear and tear they’ve endured over time. You don’t need to replace them just for a few chips and scratches though; we are able to fix up most small problems quickly. It’s only when they are beyond repair that you’ll need to consider replacing your granite countertops.

Why Choose Econ Granite

You have your choice of granite professionals, so why should you choose us at Econ Granite? If you’re in Plano, TX, you may know that we’ve been serving the Dallas area for over 20 years now.

We know the area well, and have always been happy to help our customers with their kitchens, bathrooms, bars, or outdoor patios too. We only use the highest quality stone and granite so that anything we install will last a long time before you need it to be replaced again.

Our professional team, all of whom are fully insured, are extremely knowledgeable in all stone cutting and fabrication techniques. With our knowledge, we’re more than happy to help you make your home look exactly like what you’ve been dreaming of!

What to Expect

Granite lasts for a while, so many of our clients haven’t gone through the process before and don’t know what to expect.

Before our team even arrives, you can help the job go that much smoother by clearing a pathway between the installation area and the doorway so that we don’t need to maneuver too much with a heavy slab of granite. Keep any children away when we’re there too, and cover any nearby furniture so no dust flies on it.

Make sure you’re there when we arrive to go over the details so you know what to expect.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have before installation begins, or after installation ends. We want you to feel comfortable with your installation. During installation, we like to try to be as focused as possible to get everything done unobtrusively.

First, we’ll help you remove any existing countertops while trying to avoid any damage to walls or doors. We’ll then carry in the granite, sometimes in several sections due to the weight, and seam together the pieces once we get them in.

Before we finish up, we’ll make sure that your cabinets are level and stable. If they aren’t, we’ll add in shims underneath the new granite tops, place the granite, and cement everything together.

Then we’ll work on the details. You may need pieces of holes cut out of the granite on site, which our installers can do efficiently for you. They’ll be sure to bring a shop vacuum to collect any and all dust.

Before we go, we’ll get rid of any huge gaps to the best of our ability, remove any extra epoxy or caulk, and clean and seal your new counters so they’ll last. We’ll give you some information on taking care of your countertops too.

Usually, our installations take 2-3 hours for smaller and simpler problems, and up to 7 hours if the project is more complicated. We’ll let you know when we’re on site though. No matter the project, we should have it done by the end of the day for a new-looking and beautiful granite top.

Granite Installation Problems

We want to make sure that there are no issues with your installation, and will try our best to carry out the process smoothly. There are some potential problems you should be aware of with granite installation. This is why it’s essential to choose a professional and well reputed company.

For one, look out for any existing gaps between countertops and walls when the work is finished. At Econ Granite, we try to make everything as precise as possible. The seams could also be uneven which is why we work hard to scrape off any extra caulk and epoxy so that you don’t have this problem.

Granite Cracks & Seams

Like all things, your granite will have natural wear over time. We work hard at Econ Granite to help you avoid cracks in your granite. Rest assured that this isn’t a problem that happens often. Some people also notice differences in the seam sizes when the countertop is cemented together. We are professionals, and know how to fix problems like this properly to keep all of our customers satisfied.

Cabinets for Installation

When you’re having granite installed in your kitchen, many people wonder about what they should do with their cabinets? Should they be replaced to be new like the countertops or should you just leave them?

If you replace them, it will really give your kitchen a brand-new look.

You can keep already existing cabinets, but it’s important to consider if your layout of the kitchen is working for you first. Consider whether all appliances are in the right places, if they’d need replacement soon anyway, and if everything on the cabinets are looking good.

It might end up being a better investment to do a modest cabinet innovation now with your countertops at the same time rather than having to turn back for another renovation much sooner than you would like.

Install granite countertop with or without plywood?

Many people ask us whether they will need plywood backer for their granite countertops to keep it stable and provide enough support between the cabinet and the walls.

Usually, it’s a good idea if we install the plywood for you with the granite. A few inches between the wall and granite are not only annoying, but might end with your granite getting damaged without the plywood there to keep it stable.

Plywood will help reinforce older cabinets and reduce the gap between the granite and the wall. It doesn’t stabilize the granite itself, but everything around it so that your granite will last for many years to come.

If you’re putting the granite directly on top of the cabinets though, you’ll only need plywood in between if the granite is 2cm. If it’s larger, you don’t need the plywood. It will depend on your counter and existing cabinets, a problem we will discuss based on your specific project.

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