Silver Sparkle Quartz

Silver Sparkle Quartz Countertop in Dallas, TX

Project Description: A bright and sparkling quartz kitchen countertops helped our client, bring more shine and reflective light into their kitchen.

- Suburb Location: Dallas, TX
- Stone Type: Calacatta Quartz
- Edge Type: Flat
- Length of project: 1 Week
- Backsplash: No Splash
- Final Price : $8,000

Stone Type

Quartz countertops are made by combining crushed quartz with a polymer resin and colored pigments. Basically, you can have quartz dyed any color you want.

This means that you can have your quartz dyed to match your existing décor. The calacatta quartz we used for this project was made specifically to match the cabinets and coloring of the kitchen, giving the whole place a seamless look.

Speaking of seamless, if you take a look at our pictures, you can’t see any seams between slabs of quartz at all. The seams in the lighter types of quartz like the calacatta are barely noticeable when you’re using it for something like an L-shaped counter.

If you’d like a darker coloring for your kitchen though, those seams won’t be visible at all with quartz.

Quartz Edge Type

There are many edge types for you to choose from even after you’ve chosen your desired stone type. It comes down to whether you’d like something cleaner and more streamlined or something with a decorative look. Get that streamlined look from standard edges.

Standard edges can be either straight or curved. The straight edges generally are meant to be low-key so that they don’t take attention away from other pieces of the kitchen. The corners will be slightly rounded to protect the stone from damage. For a more traditional design, the curved edges will pair well with features like crown molding.

If you’ve chosen the curved option in the standard edges, you may want to choose a flat polish type, which is what we chose on our job here. This is a simple, clean, and classic design. More contemporary designs like this look even better with a flat edge to compliment the color and shape.

Countertop Construction

If you’re using quartz, you can have it artificially created to be the right color for your kitchen. It’s durable and a great choice for busy kitchens. It’s generally more expensive, but the value is more than worth it when you have the final product. When we install your quartz, usually the project will take around a week to ensure that it’s done right.

We’ll come in with your slab or slabs of quartz in order to install them on top of your cabinets. Leave all the heavy lifting to us as we piece them together so efficiently that it will look like one piece of quartz in the end.

How Our Quartz Countertops Improved the Home and Made It More Valuable

Quartz is a great option for any kitchen thanks to its durability and coolness. Any chef would be glad to have a quartz countertop to work on to knead dough or chop vegetables. It won’t scratch, meaning that the homeowners don’t need an extra marble slab every time they cook.

When you’re done cooking, there’s no need to worry about cleaning immediately. Quartz won’t absorb anything spilled onto it, meaning that it won’t stain, and cleans up easily. It won’t chip or scratch and will remain in top shape for years. This adds value to any home, especially with the bright shine of the quartz underneath the kitchen lights.

You can already see the reflective light in the quartz on our last project here, but don’t let the beautiful look fool you: our client loves the durability too.


silver-sparkle-quartz-countertop silver-sparkle-quartz-kitchen