Limestone Bathroom Vanity Tops

Limestone is an elegant stone that adds a natural warmth to any bathroom. Due to limestone’s natural color, it fits in almost any bathroom no matter what your design is. It has a sand-like look, which gives off a sense of comfort.

Limestone’s visual patterns come from a mix of sea shells, sand and earth that have formed over thousands of years, making it a truly earthy & natural stone.

Limestone bathroom prices start at $60 / ft.

Limestone Bathroom FAQs

Does limestone scratch or chip?

Limestone is a softer stone than other available options, so it can scratch or chip. With extra care, you can keep it looking good for years.

Does limestone handle moisture?

Limestone is reactive to acidic juices, so it’s important to wipe it off immediately when you spill something on it. Limestone needs to be cleaned off as soon as any liquids fall on it to avoid staining.

Is limestone easy to clean?

Like other porous stones, it needs extra care when cleaning. You’ll want to avoid acidic cleaners, as they could hurt your space.

Does limestone require a lot of maintenance?

Limestone does require a sealant that will need to be redone.

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