Travertine Kitchen Countertops

travertine kitchen countertop

As a natural stone, travertine provides an “earthy” feel to any room. Which is why travertine has been used for so long throughout Italy. It usually comes in shades of beige, cream, gold, and ivory.

Travertine is resistant to heat and moisture, making it a great choice of stone for a kitchen. Travertine has a naturally reflective look to it, which can brighten up a room since light will easily bounce off of it.

Travertine countertop prices start at $95 / ft.

Travertine FAQs

How long does travertine last?

Travertine can last a time since it’s sturdy like marble. It’s also a softer rock, so it’s important to use a cutting board and keep acidic foods and juices off of it.

Does travertine scratch?

It can scratch easily, but it is naturally a porous stone, so you should be careful with spills (especially acidic juices).

Will travertine chip?

There is a chance that travertine can chip, but with extra care you can avoid any major problems.

Does travertine require maintenance?

Travertine does require a sealant and it’s not recommended that you use any harsh cleaning products on it.

Can you use travertine outside?

Travertine can be used outside as long as you fill in the naturally-occurring holes with cement or leave them unfilled. If you choose to have them filled in with resin, they will discolor with time.

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