Dallas Remnants

Affordable Options for Countertops in Dallas

With the continuously rising prices of remodeling, depending on the slab you choose, you may end up paying well over 250 dollars per square foot, for the materials only, and in some cases this may not seem like a practical investment for your house.

In this case you may consider purchasing a remnant slab at a discounted rate.

What Are Remnant Slabs?

Remnants are parts of high quality slabs that have been used for other projects, many Dallas stone yards will have an inventory of remnant slabs available for purchase.

  • They come with a smaller price tag: since these are leftover pieces from other projects, in many cases somebody already paid for them to be cut and polished.
  • Maintain the same high quality of new countertops: its important to note that these aren’t used stones, they haven’t been used in another kitchen or bathroom. They’re just cuts from larger projects that ended up not being used.
  • Smaller pieces: often remnant slabs will be smaller, so while they may not be perfect for larger projects, the smaller remnant slabs can be perfect for kitchen islands or smaller bathroom vanities.
  • Caring for remnants: remnants require the same type of maintenance as standard stone slabs.

Remnants present a new option for being creative with your countertops, as well as spending according to your budget. Whether you choose granite remnants, marble remnants, or other type of material, you will be able stay within budget, make your kitchen shine and avoid losing on quality.

Remnant Options

Here at Econ Granite, we provide various remnant and countertop designs for the Dallas area, with different dimensions of the remnants, and at different price tags. With a little help of our staff, you will be able to find that piece you need to complete your project, create a fine countertop, and reshape your kitchen space.

Our remnant stock is always changing so please take a look at our current remnant samples below. If there’s something specific you’re looking for, let us know, and we’ll notify you when the right stone reaches our remnant yard.

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