As one of the best low-maintenance stones, soapstone makes a great vanity for any bathroom and has a soft texture that is pleasant to the touch.

Soapstone is the best stone for you if you want a vanity that doesn’t require a lot of work. Unlike other stones, you won’t need specific cleaning materials and you can spill almost anything on it and it won’t stain.

Soapstone varies in color from off-white to dark grays, so it provides a neutral color that can fit in almost any design.

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Soapstone Bathroom FAQs

It’s best to avoid cutting directly on soapstone. It’s a pretty solid stone, but that’s the best way to avoid any scratches or potential chips. It’s possible to sand out scratches if you accidentally mark it, which is one of the big benefits of soapstone.

Soapstone can easily absorb moisture, since it’s made out of fossils, sand and other soft materials.

Depending on the color and type of soapstone you chose, it requires different cleaning solutions.

Soapstone does not require any sealant, and as long as you keep from cutting anything directly on it or dropping anything, it doesn’t need any work.

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