Travertine is one of those stones that was almost built for bathrooms. It is a beautiful, natural stone that can handle moisture and water, so you don’t need to worry about immediately drying it off as soon as it’s wet.

As a reflective stone, it can help brighten up any space throughout your home, especially your bathroom. Since it usually is made of “earthy” tone colors, it can add an antique feel to any room.

Travertine Bathroom FAQs

Travertine can last a long time since it’s sturdy like marble.

It can scratch and chip easily, as it is naturally a soft stone. It may not be the best for kitchens, but this wouldn’t be an issue for a bathroom vanity.

As a porous stone, travertine absorbs moisture. That can help when it comes to absorbing the water that comes from regular bathroom use.

As a soft stone, it needs neutral cleaning solutions used on it so it doesn’t stain.

Travertine does require a sealant and it’s not recommended that you use any harsh cleaning products on it.

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