Granite Countertops & Bathroom Vanities in Frisco, TX

Economic Granite offers high-quality countertops, bathroom vanities, and custom pieces. Custom cut stones are some of the best ways to make your home luxurious and comfortable. Each piece will be cut to your satisfaction so your space will look exactly how you imagined. We offer a wide variety of stones, cuts, and edges that we can adjust to your desired space.

We’ve been serving the Frisco, Texas area for over 20 years since it is a short drive from our main office.

You can learn more about our process for getting you the best countertop for your home and if you’re interested – give us a call or fill out our online form below to schedule an appointment!

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4 steps to getting your countertops replaced

Fabricated In 1 Week, Installed In 1 Day.

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Start by selecting the perfect material for your kitchen or bath in our Materials Catalog.

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Start by selecting the perfect material for your kitchen or bath in our Materials Catalog.

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Our craftsmen will carefully cut your selected stone to the desired shape, and apply the proper sealant to your finished countertops.

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Lastly, our very own installation crew will deliver and install your new countertops in your kitchen or bathroom.

Our Granite, Marble & Quartz
Countertop Services

Here at EconGranite, we know how important it is for your house to look exceptional.
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bianco luna quartzite table

We know that matching your tables, counters, kitchen tops and backsplash with the rest of the room is essential to give your house that “wow” factor.

stone manufacturing and installation services

We offer a number of services that include: stone countertops, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, custom tables made from some of the finest stone on the market, as well as a number of specialty items.

Our specialty stonework comes in quartz, marble, and granite. Once you make your order through us, we’ll deliver the product to you, install it, and ensure that it meets your every need and expectation. We’re extremely particular about making sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

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Our Stone & Granite
Countertop Projects in Frisco

We’ve taken every step possible in order to ensure that each project was done with the best stone available and in the most effective, non-invasive way possible.

To give you an idea on what our work looks like and how we can help you change the look of your house, take a look at some of our granite and stone projects here in Frisco, TX. Each one of these projects was individually customized to make sure they met the demands of the client:


  • One week turnaround time
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  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Over 100 Local Reviews

Local Real Estate Prices

Real estate in Frisco is a busy market. With over 400 houses for sale and the average house going for $467, 208, Frisco is slowly expanding into a larger metropolitan area.

90% of the population are homeowners, the median household income is $103,551, and 17% of everyone is considered to be a single resident. Most of the population commutes by car, meaning that there may be large traffic presences during the times known as “rush hour”.

About Frisco

For many, Frisco may seem like another small city, but the history of it dates back to over 150 years ago. Once located along the Shawnee Trail, Frisco used to be a small town the was cut in half by the Preston Trail, a road that was created by the military in the mid-1800s.

In the 21st Century, the town has become so much more. It’s currently home to about 150,000 people from all walks of life, 33% of which are children below the age of 18. For the rest of the 67%, more than 96% of them have a high school degree and the majority have a job and live above the poverty line.

The city is home to a number of 10 / 10 rated schools at all levels (elementary, middle, and high schools), as well as a population with 63% of people owning a college degree.

One thing to keep in mind is the crime in the area. In the last year, there has been 2,654 counts of theft, 731 counts of assault, and 1,583 arrests.

In terms of entertainment, Frisco has three main museums, as well as a number of restaurants and movie theaters that are guaranteed to have something for everyone. If this doesn’t interest you, there’s a mall located in the downtown aspect of the city that has stores such as American Eagle, Macy’s, Apple, Nordstroms, and many more!

You can walk around the town and surrounding areas and see some history as you walk down the very paths people have been using for over 100 years.

You can learn more about our process for getting you the best countertop for your home and if you’re interested

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