Quartzite vanities can give your room a beautiful look since these stones are naturally reflective. Quartzite is made by taking beautiful quartz-rich sandstone or chert and exposing it to high pressure and temperatures. That’s what gives quartzite it’s unique coloring and shine.

It can handle daily use without needing too much maintenance, so you don’t need to worry about being overly delicate with your stone vanity.

Quartzite Bathroom FAQs

Quartzite can last a long time with proper care.

Quartzite doesn’t scratch or chips easily, so no need to be worried with regular wear and tear.

Quartzite is absorbent, so be careful about what you spill on it. However, that makes it a good rock for a bathroom because it can handle the drops of water here and there that come from daily use.

As long as your vanity has a quality sealant, it shouldn’t be hard to clean. You can also use a stone cleaner or neutral cleaners to make sure it stays safe.

Sealing your quartzite countertops can help keep it from scratching. Although it’s a sturdy rock, sealing just makes sure it stays that way.

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