When it comes to picking a stone for your bathroom vanity, it’s easy to overlook onyx as a stone option. However, it’s one of the unique options that will make your bathroom stand out.

Onyx vanities are rare, but luxurious choice. One thing that makes onyx different than other stones is that it can be translucent, so you can accent your vanity with backlighting.

We recommend onyx for vanity tops, ornamental home furnishings, and bathroom countertops.

Onyx Bathroom FAQs

Onyx is a softer stone than other types, so it can be damaged with a heavy or a sharp object. However it is unlikely that you’d have these items laying around your bathroom.

Onyx is porous so it will absorb liquids on it. But a good sealant can help you avoid that problem.

As long as you use a neutral cleaner that isn’t acidic, it will be easy to clean.

Onyx can react to various acids and harsh cleaners, so be gentle. It needs to be resealed every 1 to 3 years, but that will help it stay clean for as long as possible.

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