are stone countertops worth it

Are Stone Countertops Worth It?

The short answer is yes! But that answer will not suffice the smart buyer, so let’s get deeper into the reasons why stone countertops are worth every last penny. The Sheer Beauty of Natural Stone This reason might seem superficial and vague, but the beauty that sleek, well-made countertops can add to your home goes […]

The Stone Installation Process

Many people looking to get stone installed in their kitchen or bathroom, often wonder how long and it will take before they have their new countertops installed. If you’re among those who want to know how long it takes to install granite countertops, let me be the one to break the process down for you. […]

Using Remnant Stone

As consumers we all love to save as much money as we can on our products. When purchasing stone products in particular the way to save money is NOT through coupons, special offers, or other bogus “25 dollar a square foot” deals. It’s by purchasing remnants ! What are remnants? Remnants are exactly that, they […]

countertop gap

The Notorious Counter Top-Cabinet Gap!

No, Your Not The Only Person With a Gap Between Your New Granite, and Your Old Cabinets! Our customers at Economic Granite (Plano, TX), are often very concerned with small gap left between their new stone counter tops and their cabinets. Relax! You’re not the only person in the city with cabinets that aren’t leveled; […]

how does granite add value to your house

How Does Granite Add Value To Your Home

Given that the family home is the single largest asset most people own, it’s only natural to want to add as much value to your house as possible. That increased value can be vital if you ever decide to sell the property – especially if you want to avoid the need to lower your asking price just […]

quarts or marble

Quartz Vs. Marble

If you’re in the process of drawing up plans to renovate your kitchen or bathroom countertops, chances are that you’ve spent more than a little time trying to decide which materials to use. For many homeowners looking for a more classical aesthetic, the choice often comes down to quartz vs marble. While both can offer […]

take care of white marble

How To Take Care Of White Marble

White marble like the ivory shades of Carrara is among the most elegant of all interior design materials. It can add an instant touch of elegance to your marble countertops, and adds significant value to any home’s price. That elegance can come with a great deal of responsibility, however, as kitchen or bathroom countertops that […]

marble alternatives

Best Marble Alternatives

There are few home decor materials that are more universally cheered than marble. It’s a beautiful and durable stone that has been a prized building material for thousands of years. Unfortunately, marble can be an expensive home decor option. That’s why we’ve collected a list of some of the best marble alternatives to ensure that […]

What Is Neolith?

Are you considering a little home renovation project to beautify your house or perhaps enhance its appeal and value for a possible sale? If so, then you may have already realized that new kitchen countertops can be one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to any home and improve its overall appeal. If […]

best granite options

Best White Granites

A Look at the Best White Granites for Your Interior Decoration Needs One of the biggest challenges many homeowners and decorators face is choosing the right kitchen countertops. This is especially true when you’re dead-set on marble, but aren’t quite willing to invest in that expensive stone. The good news is that there are granites […]