Installing Taj Mahal and Sea Pearl Quartzite in a Dallas, Texas Home

If you love remodels that utilize natural stone, and want to see how it’s all done, you’ve come to the right place; from picking your slab to installation, we have all the information you need! Here is everything that you will find out about our remodel in Dallas, Texas: The cost of the natural stone […]

Trends in Mid-Century Modern Kitchens

When designing a kitchen, many people want to combine the comfort and nostalgia of a quintessential 1950’s kitchen with the convenience and materials of a more modern style. This is why the mid-century modern kitchen has become such a popular choice for homeowners. The possibilities to mix and match are virtually endless, as it combines […]

Quartz or Granite for Kitchen Countertops?

Almost everyone fantasizes about their perfect kitchen. That’s the sweet spot in your house where you’ll be cooking meals and having conversations. Since this is such an important room in your household, you would want it to look good and be durable. If so, you want to make sure you pick the perfect countertops to […]

Top Quartz Interior Design Styles for 2019

The kitchen is now the main showstopper in every household. It’s no longer just a place to cook your meals. The kitchen landscape is a place of entertainment, conversation, and is the centerpiece for daily life. The durability of quartz mixed with its unprecedented look will give your kitchen a timeless and luxury look. What […]

Dallas’ Thanks-Giving Square

Spiritual Gathering Place is a Haven of Beautiful Stone & Remarkable Architecture Dallas has long been a major hub for commerce and innovation, but one of the truly remarkable things about this city is that, in many ways, it also has a history of being rather ahead of its time. Spirituality and inclusivity are concepts […]

The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas – A Granite Marvel

  Dallas’ Treasured Landmark Hides a Storied Past Behind its Magnificent Granite & Brick Façade A historic Dallas haunt that boasts a history as remarkable as its Beaux Arts-style architecture, the Adolphus Hotel ( located at 1321 Commerce St, Dallas, TX ) is just as resplendent today as it was when the doors officially opened in […]

Dallas Freedman’s Memorial: A Masterpiece of Granite & Bronze

    Remembering Part of Dallas’ Tragic History with a Monument Carved from Texas Red Granite When the Civil War ended in 1865, many of the newly freed slaves in Texas chose Dallas, one of the last prosperous southern cities left intact at that time, as a place to set down roots. Those freedmen gravitated […]

Granite History of the The Texas State Capitol in Austin

  The Texas State Capitol building is an iconic monument of Texas and is located in the heart of downtown Austin. In 1875 the state legislature paved the way for a new and improved capitol building to be constructed. A nation-wide design competition was launched, attracting eleven designs from eight architects, including that of architect […]

Why Faux Marble is a Material Best Avoided

Many Dallas homeowners are partial to the pristinely elegant appearance that natural marble affords, with its classic beauty and a timeless feel that elevates just about any interior. However, due to the periodic re-sealing it requires, some prefer not to use it in areas that receive significant wear and may decide to look for materials […]

Designing a Luxury Powder Room

This project is a modern powder room remodel for a home in Highland Park, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The homeowner, a retired attorney, wanted a glam bathroom design for the powder room. Since this is powder room is used by guests at frequent parties, events and fundraisers, no expense was spared. Once the plan […]

Get Inspired: Dallas Interior Design Events for Summer & Fall 2018

Whether you’re in the process of decorating a home or are simply a design enthusiast, you’ve most likely experienced it: that sudden rush of inspiration that pushes you to complete an old project you’ve been meaning to get to around the house, or finally come to a definitive decision on what color paint to use […]

Granite Remnants: Top Quality Countertops for a Cheaper Price

Fine granite and other stone countertops started becoming a popular home fixture in the 1990’s, however not everyone could afford a granite countertop for their kitchen ( read more about kitchen remodeling costs ), nor would every family consider this option for their remodeling project. Things shifted during the last two decades, granite countertops are […]

The Costs of Remodeling a Kitchen

Setting a budget and sticking to it may sound simple enough in theory, but realistically, it’s one the most challenging aspects of planning a remodel. Whether you’re committing to a complete overhaul, or just a few updates here and there, every homeowner has the same outcome in mind when they set out. Ideally, the final […]

8 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop & Backsplash Combinations

There are quite a few things to consider when it comes to choosing a countertop and backsplash combination for your kitchen, but the most common predicament is usually this: which should you decide on first? Luckily, there really isn’t a right or wrong way to go about it. However, if you’re struggling with getting started, […]

Granite: From Formation to Product

Granite, which is probably the world’s best known igneous rock, is widely used in a large number of industries. Here is a brief timeline of its production, from formation to conversion into the everyday products that we use. Formation Granite is formed when magma, a mix of molten and semi-molten rock, slowly crystallizes beneath the […]

The Best Stone For Your Kitchen Counters

For families large and small, kitchens are often considered the heart of a household. Usually, they function as a back-drop to everyday life and receive very frequent use. Offering a place for loved ones to connect over casual meals and an environment that encourages a passion for food, it isn’t uncommon for people to be […]

How Does Quartz Stack Up Against Natural Materials in Appearance?

Since first emerging onto the market, quartz has maintained a reputation of unbeatable durability and stellar performance. In the beginning, however, many consumers felt that it fell short of what natural stone, such as granite and marble, could offer them in terms of appearance. The patterns, flecks, and veining formed during its manufacturing process weren’t […]

How to Enhance Your Cabinets with a Complementary Countertop

When designing a home, the key to building your ideal space is having a wealth of decorative and functional options to choose from. Unfortunately, the avalanche of possibilities which await can give even the boldest of homeowners pause. Before you know it, you’re struggling with indecision – a difficult thing to avoid when faced with […]

The Top 10 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Caring for Their Countertops

You could ask anyone to picture their dream kitchen or bathroom, and most will imagine sparkling clean fixtures, gleaming surfaces, and an overall “brand new” appearance. Unfortunately, as enough time goes by, such a look becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. Hygiene is the number one factor to consider, of course, but many people are just […]

Are Stone Countertops Worth It?

The short answer is yes! But that answer will not suffice the smart buyer, so let’s get deeper into the reasons why stone countertops for your kitchen are worth every last penny. The Sheer Beauty of Natural Stone This reason might seem superficial and vague, but the beauty that sleek, well-made countertops can add to […]