There’s a reason Michelangelo chose marble for his statue of David.

Marble is a solid stone that could last multiple lifetimes if you wanted it to. Walking into your customized bathroom can be a great start to your day, and few things feel as luxurious as marble.

Traditionally used in buildings, statues, and carvings, marble is a look you can’t find anywhere else. It adds an elegant look to any room. Marble is also heat resistant so you can keep your curling irons other bathroom appliances on it without worrying too much about damaging it.

Marble Bathroom FAQs

Marble is a softer stone than other ones such as granite, but as long as you are mindful of treating it well, you can avoid any problems.

Marble is an absorbent stone and you needs to be cleaned to avoid stains. It is recommended to apply a proper seal to help reduce intake from soaps and lotions.

Make sure to use use neutral cleaning supplies, and your marble vanity will be easy to clean.

Yes, marble requires minor upkeep and polishing. It also needs a quality sealant applied to make sure it doesn’t absorb moisture or liquids.

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