Bianco Rhino Marble Kitchen in North Dallas

Project Description: The specific challenge we faced during this project was thinning down the 3cm marble to 2cm for the full backsplash. The project consisted of us demoing the old granite countertops, replacing them with the Bianco Rhino marble, and touching up post installation.

- Suburb Location: North Dallas
- Stone Type: Bianco Rhino Marble 3CM Polished
- Edge Type: Flat Edge
- Sink Type: Undermount Stainless Steel Zero Radius
- Length of project: 3 Weeks
- Backsplash: Full Marble Backsplash
- Final Price : $19,000


Before-construction (1) bianco-marble-countertop-edge (1) bianco-marble-countertops (1) bianco-marble-finished (1) bianco-marble-full-kitchen (1) bianco-marble-sink-install (1)