Are marble countertops the right choice for your kitchen?

Marble is well suited for designs that are both classical and modern. It’s more fragile than some of the newer manufactured materials, like Quartz (Quartz vs Marble) or Soapstone, but it has a variety of beautiful natural colors and unique vein patterns that can only be found in naturally formed stones, including variations of black marble. This unique look is heavily sought after among both commercial designers and home consumers alike. If you want your kitchen to look classy, light and refreshing, consider some of the reasons to install a marble countertop.


  • Heat resistant – the surface will not become yellow due to heat
  • Many color and design variations in the natural stone category, which offers space for extra creativity
  • Beauty is in the eyes of beholder, but you will rarely find anyone who will not be impressed with the time tested look of marble


  • This beautiful material is more delicate when compared to Quartz or Soapstone, so it requires more maintenance and the use of sealant.
  • Porous material, so you have to be careful with leaving fruit acids or wine directly on the counter, as it can leave stains
  • Marble is softer type of stone, slightly more prone to etching and scratching, which can be avoided with proper care and repair techniques

More Information About Marble Countertops

Marble is a classic stone that brings a touch of elegance to any room. It has been used for hundreds of years to make timeless pieces. Marble is a natural stone formed during the recrystallization process of limestone and dolomite. It’s an ancient material that has held up through the test of time and many historical monuments including Pantheon in Athens, Michelangelo’s famous statue of David, and the Washington Obelisk, were all made out of marble.

Perhaps the greatest and most fascinating project made in white marble is 17th century dream like mausoleum Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Widespread creative use of marble can be applied to your kitchen project too, so make sure you check our previous projects if you need some inspiration. Marble is one of the top materials that interior designers recommend in 2018. With this material, there are endless possibilities for your kitchen.

Marble is historically used both indoors and outdoors, but it must be noted that marble is a porous material, and not the best outdoor solution during the winters.

Much of popular marble brands are mined in the Mediterranean, Italy and Greece. We give you a quick overview below:

Carrara White marble is a popular Italian stone, it’s veins are shorter and more scattered, creating a light and feathery look on the slab. This causes the stone to seem more grayish than a pure white marble, we’ve used this stone for a beautiful waterfall edge countertop in Oak Cliff.

Calacatta White marble is another Italian marble, it is less common and it is considered a luxury stone. It’s veins and patterns are longer, larger and crisper creating more contrast against its white backdrop as you can see on our marble bathroom project in Uptown Dallas.

Thassos marble is a classic white marble is named after the Greek island where it’s found. It’s almost a pure white all around and contains no veins, making it a popular choice for ancient Greek sculptures.

Black Marble is another option if you’re want to make a statement with a very bold and striking appearance. Note that it will make your dishes and silverware stand out in contrast, and is a bit easier to maintain and keep clean than white stone.

Fantasy Black marble has a rich dark background with curved, wavy veins. The vein patterns are a relaxing grey and soften the contrast with the black background. Alternatively a China Black Marble is a more aggressive the veins are a clear white and almost jagged with a high intensity contrast.

At Econ Granite we can take care of both kitchen and bathroom projects made of marble. We also offer a variety of custom countertop edges and kitchen & bathroom sinks to go with our installation. Learn more about our:

Downside to its beauty, is that marble is a softer type of stone that requires more maintenance compared to other solutions. You can check our guide on how to take care of white marble, or read the brief summary below.

Heat resistance – Marble is heat resistant material. However, leaving a hot pot on its surface for too long can create burn marks. Surface burns made by hot pans can be easily removed, if you apply poultices treatment. Removing more persistent burns can be achieved if you mix poultices with 35 percent peroxide and pour the mixture over the burn mark.

Scratch resistance and impact – Marble can be prone to scratching. Cutting directly on the countertops surface should be avoided. There are multiple professional or DIY ways to repair marble, usually involving sanding with electric polishing tool.

Sealant – Proper use of quality sealant on a yearly basis is absolutely required, in order to protect your marble countertop from absorbing moisture, liquids and oils that will leave a stain on the surface. If you do stain your marble countertop, it is possible to remove the stains with the repeated use of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

Durability – if handled responsibly, with the regular use of sealant, marble countertops can last a long time. This type of natural soft stone is rated between 4 and 5 on the Mohs hardness scale (for reference, almost impenetrable diamond is rated 10) depending on the type of limestone and minerals combined in the marble.

Our Dallas based marble countertops prices start at $70/ft.

Marble is a natural stone mined from earth, with its reserves depleting over time. Often the most popular types of marble imported from distant places such is Italy, Turkey or Africa. That’s why marble is still a costly when compared to some other types of materials. However, during the last ten to fifteen years, the price of marble dropped significantly.

Marble Remnants in Dallas

If you’re looking for an economic option for a new marble countertop, consider browsing through our marble remnants. These are slabs of previously cut marble slabs that you can purchase at a discounted rate.

Marble FAQs

Marble is porous and can absorb tiny oil spills and scratches. However with proper care ( use cutting boards, wipe up spills ) marble counters can easily remain in mint condition.

Marble countertops can scratch, but as with stains it requires proper sealant and care. Our experts will be happy to help you prepare your countertops for a lifetime of use.

Marble countertops will need updated sealant. Marble is absorbent and could begin to stain if not sealed correctly. To find the right marble for your household consider honed or polished marble.

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