Marble Kitchen Countertops

marble kitchen

Marble is a classic stones that brings a touch of elegance to any room.

It has been used for hundreds of years to make timeless pieces. That’s why the Taj Mahal is entirely clad in marble.

It will give it a unique, gorgeous look while also being able to handle the daily wear and tear of your life. This makes marble a perfect stone for any kitchen. It’s heat resistant and will withstand heat from warm pots and pans, but for longevity's sake we still recommend using a cloth for extra hot dishes.

Marble prices start at $70 / ft.

Popular Marble Colors

There are many types of white marble and we outlined some of the more popular options below. If you have any questions about different marble colors and which one is right for you, we'd be happy to discuss your options and provide recommendations. You can see these in person, and pick out the right slab for you at our stone yard.

Please note that our Dallas based marble selection changes regularly so it's best to set an appointment so we can let you know when we have a certain stone in stock. 

White marble is a classic, traditional option for your countertops. It will brighten your kitchen and create an illusion of a larger area by reflecting the surrounding light. 

Carrara White Marble

carrara white marble

A marble of Italian origin, it's veins are shorter and more scattered, creating a light and feathery look on the slab. This causes the stone to seem more grayish than a pure white marble. 

Calacatta White Marble

Calacatta White Marble slab

Another Italian marble, but more rare and it is considered a luxury stone. It's veins and patterns are longer, larger and crisper. This creates more contrast agains the white backdrop.

Statuario Marble

Statuario Marble Slab

This stone has a combination of Carrara and Calacatta characteristics. It's base color has a gray hue and it shows two types of veins, some are heavy and noticeable while others are lighter and thinner.  

Thassos Marble

white thassos marble

This classic white marble is named after the Greek island where it's found. It's almost a pure white all around and contains no veins, because of this it's been a popular choice for ancient Greek sculptures. 

White Himalaya Marble 

white himalaya marble slab

Also of Greek origin, this white marble features a grayer and feathery look of Carrara, with less obvious veining. But it has more color diversity in it's seams with tints of brown, purple or gold.


Black Marble is less popular, but has a very bold and striking appearance. Note that it will make your dishes and silverware stand out in contrast, and is a bit easier to maintain and keep clean than white stone.

Fantasy Black Marble

Fantasy Black Marble Slab

This stone has a rich dark background with curved, wavy veins. The vein patterns are a relaxing grey and soften the contrast with the black background.

China Black Marble

China Black Marble Slab

China Black Marble is a more aggressive alternative to Fantasy Black Marble, the veins are a clear white and almost jagged with a high intensity contrast.

Marble FAQs

1. How long do marble countertops last?

Marble countertops can etch over time, but with proper sealant and occasional touchups they will last many years.

2. Does marble stain?

Marble is a porous stone so leaving acids like lemons or wine overnight can leave a mark on you countertop.

3. Will marble countertops chip or scratch?

Marble is a soft stone so it can chip or crack, however there are many solutions for repairing your countertops in these situations.

4. How much maintenance does marble require?

Marble countertops require minor upkeep and polishing. It also needs a quality sealant applied to make sure it doesn’t absorb moisture or liquids.

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