Are granite countertops the right choice for your kitchen?

Personal preferences aside, the truth is that you just cannot go wrong with granite. With the price of granite countertops being more affordable than ever, you can order luxurious, durable countertop that became a trademark of the American household. Good resistance to heat, sustainability, high scratch resistance, paired with monumental aesthetics, are just some of the reasons to choose granite.


  • Granite countertops are resistant to chemicals, so there is no danger of fruits, vegetables or wine leaving stains as long as your countertop is properly sealed.
  • Granite is durable, so there is low chance that you will have to repair or resurface your granite countertop.
  • These countertops can last well over a century if properly maintained.
  • Natural stone, unique colors and patterns.
  • Wide variety of slabs available, with different color choices, in different price ranges.


  • Granite is a porous material, which means that its surface can be ruined with stains. However, with the proper and regular use of sealant, this possibility can be completely avoided.
  • Heavy weight of granite forces the consumer to leave the installment process to professionals.

More Information About Granite Countertops

Granite is a type of igneous rock, mainly composed of three types of minerals: quartz, feldspar and biotite. It’s formed by cooling of magma into tough rock formations – view our infographic about the journey granite takes from the ground and into your household.  Granite has been used in the making of Egyptian pyramids and obelisks, in the building of 11th century Hindu temples in India, and prehistoric European monolithic monuments. Although it’s no longer used for buildings it’s much more prominent in commercial decorations and premium, luxury kitchen countertops. These countertops are able to withstand damage, and can last for over a century.

Heat – Granite countertops are very resistant to heat, so burn marks should not bother except in extreme cases. However, if you do leave a continuously hot pot on the surface of your countertop for a long time, burn marks may appear, these can be removed with the use of hydrogen peroxide.

Impact resistance – Granite is extremely hard material that can withstand serious damage. In order for it to chip or break, you will have to damage it with extremely heavy object, used with brute force, which is highly unlikely to happen in a typical kitchen environment.

Scratch resistance – Granite will blunt most kitchen knives, and is extremely difficult to scratch. In matter of fact, granite is the best possible choice if you want to avoid scratches on your countertop. If you somehow manage to scratch your countertop, scratches can be removed by sanding.

Sealant – Granite is hard, heavy and durable, but also porous. With the yearly use of quality sealant, you will make sure that there are no stains on the surface of your countertop. Oil stains can be removed with use of poultice made of flour or baking soda. Hydrogen peroxide may be a solution for more persistent stains. Take, note all this damage can be avoided if you use a quality sealant on a regular basis.

Durability – If taken care of properly, granite countertops will most likely outlive the houses they are installed in. Granite is a material that scores seven to nine on Mohs hardness scale, on which, for reference diamond score 10. Single granite countertop installment can last for many generations.

Due to the popularity of granite, it can come with a variety of vein and color patterns allowing for more creative freedom when designing your next poroject, there are beautiful variations of white, tan, black and even blue tinted granites. If you are sure by now that a granite kitchen countertop is exactly what you want, check some of the previous projects in our gallery, or various granite countertops and backsplash combinations. Granite countertops are among top choices in the US, and you can always find inspiration, as there are many projects documented online.

White granites are another popular option for households that like the look of marble but prefer the durability of granite. We recently used an elegant, white Delicatus granite slab for a white granite kitchen island in Irving, TX.

At Econ Granite we can take care of both kitchen and bathroom projects made of granite. We also offer a variety of custom countertop edges and kitchen & bathroom sinks to go with our installation. Learn more about our:

Granite FAQs

Rarely does granite need to be replaced since it is such a durable stone. It could last past your lifetime with proper upkeep.

It is hard to scratch granite. One of the few rocks harder than granite is a diamond, so unless you’re rubbing diamond all over your countertops, you won’t have a problem.

Granite will not chip from regular wear and tear. It’s incredibly sturdy.

Granite countertops will need updated sealant. Granite is absorbent and could begin to stain if not sealed correctly.

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