Are travertine countertops the right choice for your kitchen?

Travertine has a naturally reflective look to it, which can brighten up a room, since light will easily bounce off of it. Travertine is resistant to heat and moisture, making it a great choice of stone for a kitchen.


  • Wide range of colors and designs available, which makes it one of the favorites among interior designers
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Luxurious material, very good at reflecting light, which will brighten up your kitchen


  • Highly reactive to acids, should not be cleaned with abrasive products
  • Complicated installment process that should be handled by professionals
  • Upper price range

Travertine Countertop Information

Travertine is a natural stone, that is formed with rapid precipitation of calcium – carbonate, and it usually comes in the shades of beige, cream, gold and ivory. It has been used in Italic region during Roman Empire as a building material in the makings of temples and villas. Famous renaissance artists and architects used it for their projects, including Gian Lorenzo Bernini and even Michelangelo himself.

Heat resistance – travertine is a heat resistant material and burn marks are unlikely to appear. However, prolonged exposure will damage even the toughest stones. Be cautious with leaving continuously hot pots and pans directly on the counter.

Impact – Travertine is among the softer natural stones, therefore cracks caused by stronger impact can happen. Cracks should be taken care of by brushing of the crack, cleaning with acetone, and then sealing the crack with cement or epoxy resin.

Scratch resistance – Use a cutting board, and avoid cutting directly on the surface, travertine is softer and can be damaged with a direct cut. If scratches do happen, this can be fixed with the use of hand diamond pad and polish powder.

Sealant – to protect your travertine countertop from stains and acidic fluids that can damage the surface, applying quality sealant on a yearly basis is strongly recommended.

Durability – With a four out of ten on the Mohs hardness scale, travertine can be considered a softer rock. However, if you use a cutting board and avoid exposing your countertop to acidic fluids, it can last you for a very long time.

Travertine countertop prices start at 95$/ft.

Travertine falls into upper tier category among natural stones when it comes to price. This sophisticated material is being imported from distant places such is Turkey or Italy, and its natural reserves are smaller when compared to granite.

If you are interested in ordering beautiful travertine countertop, but for a more affordable price, make sure you contact our stone yard in Plano, TX, and see if we have some travertine remnants available.

Popular travertine masterpieces include the longest castle in the world, gothic castle in Burghausen, Germany, was built mainly of travertine. Other notable uses of travertine in architecture are Getty Centre in Los Angeles, Basilica of Sacred Hearts in Paris, and lobby walls of Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois. If you need inspiration for your own travertine project, take a look at our gallery, and you will find some. Loads of travertine project ideas are available, to inspire you and help you decide.

If travertine is your definite choice, contact us, and order your countertop at Econ Granite, where dreams are cut in stone.

Travertine FAQs

Travertine can last a time since it’s sturdy like marble. It’s also a softer rock, so it’s important to use a cutting board and keep acidic foods and juices off of it.

It can scratch easily, but it is naturally a porous stone, so you should be careful with spills (especially acidic juices).

There is a chance that travertine can chip, but with extra care you can avoid any major problems.

Travertine does require a sealant and it’s not recommended that you use any harsh cleaning products on it.

Travertine can be used outside as long as you fill in the naturally-occurring holes with cement or leave them unfilled. If you choose to have them filled in with resin, they will discolor with time.

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