How It Works

1. Get a Quote

Contact us for a FREE quote. Fill out the form or get in touch by email. We will respond to you promptly and schedule a consultation.

2. Get an Onsite Estimate

Our team of professionals will drive to your home and provide a detailed estimate that is tailored to your space.

3. Hand Pick Your Stone

We will take you to our stone warehouse where you can select the exact  stone slab to be fabricated into a countertop. No images or substations, the stone you pick will be the exact stone that we will cut.

4. Fabrication

This is where the stone slab becomes a countertop. We carefully cut your selected stone to the desire shape, apply the proper sealant and chisel the proper edges. 

5. Delivery & Installation

After ONE WEEK of fabrication, we will deliver the countertop and all the accommodating materials like sinks & plumbing We will install it and your new kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity is good to go! 

EconGranite is based in Plano, TX but we serve the surround Dallas area and would be happy to come to your house for an assessment. We've helped many Dallas households build their dream layouts. 


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