Granite Bathroom Vanity Tops

granite vanity top

Granite is one of the more reliable options for a vanity top. It is perfect for almost any environment, it can handle heat, moisture, and it is hard to scratch, and it’s very likely that the granite vanity can last longer than the house itself!

The minerals inside granite give it a unique look that man-made materials can rarely replicate. Granite can also handle heat, so it can hold your accessories without worry.

Granite bathroom prices start at $35 / ft.

Granite Bathroom FAQs

How long will granite last?

Rarely does granite need to be replaced since it is such a durable stone. It could last your lifetime with proper upkeep.

Does granite scratch easily?

It is hard to scratch or chip granite. One of the few rocks harder than granite is a diamond, so unless you’re rubbing diamond all over your countertops, you won’t have a problem.

Can granite handle moisture?

Granite is naturally porous, meaning it absorbs liquid.

Is granite easy to clean?

Once granite is sealed, it is easy to clean.

Does granite require a lot of maintenance?

Granite needs a new sealant at least once a year. However, some granites are more absorbent than others, ask us for details on the stone of your choice.

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