Quartz or Granite for Kitchen Countertops?

Almost everyone fantasizes about their perfect kitchen. That’s the sweet spot in your house where you’ll be cooking meals and having conversations. Since this is such an important room in your household, you would want it to look good and be durable. If so, you want to make sure you pick the perfect countertops to perfectly fit your needs.

Check out the pros and cons to keep in mind when it comes to deciding if quartz or granite countertops are perfect for you and your family.


Quartz countertops have been a go-to choice around the globe. The overall concept of quartz countertops is just now becoming relevant in the homes of United States citizens but is found to be enjoyable to homeowners experiencing these high-quality and affordable countertops for the first time.

A great thing you’ll notice when first considering a quartz countertop is how it can easily look attractive in any color you please. This makes decorating your kitchen, and even your whole home, less stressful, as you can easily find a quartz countertop to match your cabinets, sink, and even your couch set if you desire.

Granite usually noticeable stands out to be people it is very easy to look at. The overall look of granite is pleasing to most people and can blend in with almost any kitchen setup or color pattern. This makes the whole kitchen look newer and sleeker and overall enjoyable and eye-catching.

A great thing about quartz is that it can be bought in almost any color you may desire. So it can go with any type of style you may be reaching for. With granite, however, it may only work if you’re going for something a little sleeker and more modern. If that’s the case then this could be the perfect option for you.


If you have a household full of younger and wild children, no need to worry about mess or damage made to your newly beloved countertops. Since quartz aren’t made of stones that are natural and contain pores on the surface, the crushed quartz bits fill the surface gaps, making permanent stains nonexistent.

Quartz countertops are incredibly difficult to harm or destroy as they are made with incredibly durable material. Because of this, it’s also extremely difficult to make a mess that could stain this counter. If a liquid or oil spill occurs in the kitchen, you will have no problem cleaning the mess right up and going about your day. Playtime will never be over in your house.

Many people who purchase a granite countertop are making a very long commitment to this specific type of countertop. If you’re looking for countertops that are incredibly durable and will last you a long while, this is the perfect countertop to purchase. It’s also great because, if used gently rather than roughly, little to no maintenance is required throughout the whole entire life of your countertop.


Because Quartz countertops don’t consist of pores like other countertops, they don’t trap bacteria inside as easily as other countertops usually do. When these bacteria are trapped, it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of them, they can easily transfer over to you and your family, causing sickness or any other type of illness. Making you feel cleaner and better about keeping your kids safe from unwanted sickness caused by unwanted bacteria.

Even though it’s easy to clean, granite still contains stones that consist of pores inside that can trap in bacteria that can possibly result in the sickness of you or your family.

To prevent this, you must constantly clean your countertops as much as possible to make sure no one is harmed by any bacteria that are resting inside of the porous stones in the granite.

Unfortunately, while granite is easy to clean, it’s not as easy to prevent from bacteria overall as it is with quartz. Quartz contains non-porous material that doesn’t trap bacteria inside, so there is a much smaller risk of getting anyone inside of the house sick, unlike granite.


Ever pulled a hot pot or pan out of the oven and set it down on the counter without thinking? Then immediately realized it was too hot and you possibly just left an unattractive burn mark on your counter? With quartz countertops, you no longer need to worry about that. These other countertops contain synthetic materials that warp and bend when hot objects interact with them.

Quartz, however, is the total opposite. This countertop can handle hear up to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you do happen to burn the countertop, all that is needed from you is to sand down the surface to make this burn mark disappear.

No one enjoys a countertop that easily stains or takes a long while to clean. Granite countertops, however, take little time to clean dust and grime. Leaving you with more time to enjoy your time spent with family rather than spending it cleaning the dirty countertops.


Due to their popularity, and impressive durability, it is a little pricier than you may be used to if you choose to go the quartz direction for your countertops. Depending on what you buy and where you shop to purchase these countertops, it can cost around $100 per square foot.

Unfortunately, that’s only the price of the countertops alone. There is still installation and fitting that must also be considered, which can cost a few thousand more out of your budget, depending on how big your kitchen is and how much you are planning to have installed.

On the other hand, the stunning beauty of granite is anything but cheap. The price to purchase granite countertops can be around $200 or $300 per square feet, not including installation. Many people claim this to be an investment, so be sure to properly determine whether or not the overall cost and installation cost is worth it for you and your household.

If cost is something important to you, these are both pretty pricey options. While they’re both fairly expensive, granite comes in larger styles, like an island, and can also be a lot more difficult to install than quartz countertops are known to be. Because of this, you’ll find a cheaper option if you choose quartz, but definitely don’t expect it to be cheap, as quartz pricing is fairly close to granite.

Outdoor Use

If you were planning to purchase this for outdoor activities, rather than just keeping in your kitchen inside, you may need to reconsider that decision. Quartz material does not operate well outdoors, as it was created primarily to withstand the indoors alone.

While it can handle the unpredictability of children, it isn’t as tolerable to outside objects as easily, so it will be prone to noticeable scratches if you expose it to different forms of nature. If it is exposed to different particles that are normally found outside, it can begin to fade and lose its original color and shade.


If you thought you could have your quartz countertops installed, followed by your sink being easily installed and then going about your day, you may be wrong: It’s not quite that simple. Only certain sinks can be installed alongside a quartz countertop. Those specific sink options include:

  • Drop-in
  • Under-mount
  • Flash-mount

How imperative is it to use the right sink? Some experts claim that use of the wrong sink with these countertops could result in a crack on the sink itself or even on your newly-bought and installed countertop. To save yourself money and the hassle in the future, be sure to purchase the proper sink if you decide to still buy a quartz countertop.

Unfortunately, it isn’t too easy to install granite countertops as it’s easy to possibly damage them when dealing with the installation. Be sure to entrust this process in professionals who have installed this particular type of countertop before rather than giving it a go yourself. If damage does appear before or even after installing, the whole stone in the countertop may, unfortunately, be replaced, which could be fairly pricey.


When it comes to granite and quartz pros and cons, there are a lot of things to be considered when making a final decision. Be sure to analyze what you are looking for in your home in terms of style, installation, and budget. Once that is determined, you can then make a confident decision on which countertop would be best in your household.

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