Top Quartz Interior Design Styles for 2019

The kitchen is now the main showstopper in every household. It’s no longer just a place to cook your meals. The kitchen landscape is a place of entertainment, conversation, and is the centerpiece for daily life.

The durability of quartz mixed with its unprecedented look will give your kitchen a timeless and luxury look. What interior design styles does quartz work well with? According to Warren McCarthy, Stone Supervisor of family run business Innovative Benchtop Solutions, “Quartz works well with everything. It is becoming more and more widely used in kitchens too as a splashback option. When matched to the countertop, a quartz splashback creates a continuous stylish and opulent look in the kitchen. It is also far easier to clean as a splashback than tiles, where grout becomes discoloured and dirt attaches to it or even glass, which becomes streaky and oily if placed behind a cook-top.”

Check out these interior designs with quartz styles, so you can get the perfect ideas to inspire your next home renovation.

Quartz Kitchen Styles


Quartz countertops in your kitchen can make it shine like no other. Quartz gives your kitchen a luxurious appearance in a similar style to marble, but with a cheaper price tag and maintenance.

It has a shiny surface that is scratch resistant and can wipe away stains with ease. The custom finishes for quartz countertops come in a wide variety of colors, so you’ll be able to choose anything to match your personality.


Having a modern design may seem like a general term, but it has its recurring characteristics. For instance, homes that have this style usually crisp and clean lines, with a color palette that isn’t complicated. Besides those, the materials used for modern houses are quartz, metal or glass and the like.

The design, as a whole, will look simple and clean. In fact, most people usually describe this kind of design as sleek, as you won’t find a lot of mess in this kind of household.


The minimalist design is somewhat similar to the modern one, in that they are both simple and clean. However, minimalism takes it a step further. In fact, it’s quite popular in many homes in recent years, especially homes that use quartz to further enhance this style.

Everything in this design – from the style itself to the furniture – is simple and streamlined. You won’t find anything bold or flamboyant, and most if not all things are functional.


Many people might mix up contemporary and modern designs; however, they are quite different from each other. Contemporary designs are more focused on the present and they are more fluid than modern designs.

As mentioned, modern designs strictly make use of crisp and straight lines. On the other hand, contemporary styles can deviate from that and make use of curving lines instead.


Scandinavian designs are also simple, and it is inspired by the simple lifestyle shown in Nordic countries. Scandinavian furniture is interesting to look at, with lines and such – some people would even consider them to be works of art.

Usually, the furniture used in this design are plain and in all-white. However, some may use ones with a bit of color here and there. Quartz would then fit right into this design scheme, as it is both simple yet elegant.

Vibrant colors

The naturally looking white granite coloring has been a popular kitchen choice for the modern look. Pairing the pearl jasmine quartz coloring with white cabinetry will make any kitchen look naturally lightened and warm. The darker colors can resemble granite in both its look and feel.

A custom quartz island in the center of the room can be the perfect entertainment piece you need. The quartz kitchen countertops will have a slight disadvantage in heat resistance over granite but can be overcome by placing towels or trivets under scolding pans.

Quartz is a trending kitchen style that will last decades under proper care and will give your kitchen renovation the luxurious look it deserves.

Monochromatic Quartz

The possibilities for quartz in your home are virtually endless. With quartz being so versatile in colors, and unmatched in its design features, you can turn your home into a quartz dream. The clean monochromatic colors are what set itself apart from the likes of granite and marble. These color palettes give you endless customization options on any surface in your home.

A bold grey with dark cabinetry can give your kitchen a contemporary feel that mimics the style of the typical New York loft. A solid white quartz island, paired with white cabinetry, and some dark wood floor accents can give your kitchen a look that resembles a Hampton’s style mansion.

The versatility is endless, as natural quartz comes in over 27 colors, and many more when combined with natural quartz and a resin treatment. The monochromatic quartz countertops are becoming one of the most popular choices for kitchen renovations, due to its high durability, stain-resisting capabilities, and sleek and easy look.

Quartz Backsplashes

You just finished putting together the outline of your dream kitchen renovation, but still can’t come to terms on what the perfect backsplash would be. Why not try quartz on the walls?

The versatility of quartz is really starting to show, and many modern homes have decided to go with quartz for kitchens, bathroom and home bar renovations. The quartz backsplash can offer protection to your walling that no wallpaper or paint can give you.

The quartz is packed tight, giving it resistance to splashes of water, oil, and whatever else comes out of your kitchen or bathroom. The color scheming can also match any design you see fit. With many colors resembling that of high-end marble designs, you can add a luxurious look to your walls that would find itself in any upscale home.

Monochromatic backsplashes can also be used for a more contemporary feel. The pricing makes it a lot more accessible to do a full wall backsplash, versus a half-scale version that you may find on homes using granite or stonewalling.

The durability of using a quartz backsplash, mixed with its endless color scheming gives you a wide range of options that can be considered when redesigning your home. You can add any personal touch for a fraction of the cost with quartz backing.


Quartz has shown that it is the kitchen countertop and backsplashing of the future. With its versatility to resist some of the toughest kitchen messes, and resist the scratches of a hectic bathroom situation, your house will always look as if it is kept up to the highest standards.

The color combinations that mimic other high-end stones make it almost indistinguishable from quality marble, and the monochromatic styling can add solid coloring to a dull kitchen situation. Quartz is here to stay, and if you redesign your home with quartz countertops, your kitchen and bathroom will be one of the main new talking points amongst your friends and family.

What the experts say

Rebecca Johnston, R Johnston Interiors

“There are so many amazing quartz materials on the market now, and their anti-microbial qualities and maintenance free surface (no need to seal and re-seal) make them a no-brainer for busy households.  We always present this option for client’s wanting the look of marble countertops but who are concerned about etching and staining. While we use quartz across all design styles, it plays especially well in contemporary kitchens and baths.”

Kerrie Kelly, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

“Quartz is the ideal product for our active homes today. Low maintenance, scratch resistant and heat resistant, the countertop material supports our busy lifestyles while providing function of beauty.”

Kerry Clewer, Inspiresport

“Quartz is a great material for anywhere in the home. It’s very easy to clean and is also highly scratch resistant. There’s a large availability of options for color and patterns making it easy to find the perfect stone for your kitchen or bathroom.”

Lindsey Storlie, Kruger Real Estate 

“Why do we love quartz in 2019?! Quartz is steadily rising in popularity with homeowners and designers alike. Aside from its natural beauty, quartz is harder and more durable than granite. But, best yet–it’s nonporous and antimicrobial, so it’s easy to keep your countertops relatively bacteria-free. Because quartz counters use resin binders, stain-and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew can’t penetrate their surface. So what’s the one drawback to this type of countertop? It can be damaged by heat, so be sure to use heating pads while cooking and stay away from installing it outdoors! It’s sensitive to sunlight and may fade over time, losing some of its striking beauty and possibly voiding your warranty.”

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