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Frisco, TX

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Stainless Steel Undermount

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The customer needed quartz that looks like calacatta marble. Calacatta quartz was the perfect choice, it’s durable, elegant, and trendy.

Quartz is a popular choice for countertops in Dallas, and it’s not a surprise. It’s durable, timeless and almost endlessly dynamic. As you can see in our Calacatta quartz countertop photos below, it’s sleek and modern while giving plenty of reflection.

The quartz typically used for countertops is actually a blend of polymer resin and quartz. Quartz counters are durable and stain resistant, plus they don’t have to be resealed, which makes them especially popular with busy homes.

Because they’re made of a blended material, quartz counters tend to be more flexible and thus less likely to crack and chip. Seams are nearly invisible in dark quartz, and you’ll notice that the seams are undetectable in our light n glossy Calacatta counters.

Edge type

Standard edges still offer a variety of choice to fit your kitchen. Rounded edges provide a more dramatic curved look for classic schemes and kitchens that are benefited by the extra emphasis.

The straight edge is used much more common, and it tends to flatter just about any kind of kitchen design. In the interest of protecting the stone from extra damage and chipping, the edges are still slightly rounded.


The quartz used in countertops is often referred to as “engineered quartz” due to the added properties that make it an ideal surface. We ensure our clients get only the highest quality quartz to make your counters a lasting feature of your kitchen.

We consulted with our client to find the perfect quartz to fit their kitchen and we’ll do the same for you – whether you want a dark, consistent stone, a light, fluctuating design, or any color in between. After we’ve found the perfect slabs and gone over the design details, we get right to work.

We bring in the carefully measured slabs and take care of all the heavy construction. We then meticulously fit the quartz, ensuring that the seams are as smooth and unnoticeable as possible, like you’ll notice in our Calacatta quartz counters. Then we finish by making sure everything’s up to our golden standard.

How Our Work Improved the Home and Made It More Valuable

The kitchen is a place to gather and enjoy, so it’s no surprise that 80% of people say that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. This tends to be even more true when they’re looking to purchase a home.

Attractive updates, like quartz countertops can change the entire look of the room. For our client, it’s now difficult to imagine it missing this sleek, functional statement.

Our quartz counters also greatly improved the usability of the kitchen. Now, it’s a place family and friends can enjoy and cook together without worrying about messy clean up and staining.

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