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This Interior Designer needed a large 12 foot quartz island with a waterfall edge installed. She chose Phidias quartz because she needed something that resembled marble without the maintenance. The Phidias slabs were shipped in from out of state so the project took a little longer than expected, but the client was very happy!

Aurea Stone Quartz

Aurea stone quartz is the result of years of pursuit of a more perfect, more translucent stone. Created by using advanced PHI technology, Aurea is the only grainless quartz. It’s sought after for its dynamic, high definition appearance, and unbeatable reflectiveness.

Aurea stone quartz uses the concept of dindergy to provide harmony within all aspects of the stone for a statement balance. This provides your sleek surface with even more interest drawn to the ultra clean, well defined lines and veins in the quartz.

As you can see from the pictures of our waterfall edged, 12-foot island shown below, the crisp Aurea stone makes a bold yet elegant statement.

Standard Edge Types

Whether you prefer a cleaner, bold edge, or a more sloping, curved edge to your countertops, standard edges have customization options that fit any kitchen.

To provide the most usable and durable counters, even the straight style standard edges have at least a slight curve to them. This helps to prevent chipping and cracking along the edges of your quartz.

We’ll work with you to help you find the edge design that best fits your kitchen, and your lifestyle.


We’ve included a photo of our construction of this amazing island to give you an inside look at our process. Before any of the heavy lifting takes place, we go through every detail of your new quartz countertop installation with you. From the overall color, to edge gradient, and veining pattern, we make sure the slab you get is perfectly suited to your home and needs.

Then we get to work removing old fixtures when necessary to prepare for your new countertops. After that, our team prepares the area and brings in your new quartz slab for installation.

When we put your countertops in, we’re very careful to install it meticulously so you get the best appearance afterwards. When you’re looking at our finished work, you’ll find it as seamless (literally) as possible.

How Our Work Improved the Home and Made It More Valuable

The Aurea stone quartz island countertop we installed creates a bold statement that lends any room a sophisticated, clean centerpiece. The stone is incredibly durable, as well as resistant, so the homeowner won’t have to worry about annual maintenance and damage due to use.

This shows that when you install high quality quartz countertops you’re not only adding to the appeal and value of your home, you’re also creating a beautiful space to come together without worry. Kitchens are often one of the most valued and used rooms in a home, with this gorgeous waterfall edge added to the Aurea counter, the kitchen is showcased as the beloved room it is.

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