Bathroom Vanities

Professionally fabricated vanities from your choice of stone, to custom fit your bathroom.

Your bathroom vanity is one of the first surfaces you'll see every morning, and the last one you use before bed.

With our help you can turn you bathroom into a beautiful & comfortable space for your morning and night time rituals. We'll help you pick out the right stone and design for you. Some stones are tough and durable while others have unique designs and rare shine. Are you looking for a luxurious backlit look? A relaxed traditional feel? A countertop that gets the job done and is low-maintence? Do you need extra space? All of these factors matter when it comes to your bathroom, and we'd be happy to help you choose the right one for your home.

We also offer different edges for every type of stone so you can create the exact design you’ve imagined. Take a look at our various stone options or fill out our contact form and get in touch today.

About our bathroom vanity tops:

  • SEALED TWICE for extra element protection. Once during fabrication, and once upon installation for maximum protection.
  • Offer a variety of designs for our high quality slab materials.
  • Made from your choice of 2cm or 3cm thick stone.
  • Come with a choice of no splash, 4-inch splash, or full splash for their new vanity top.
  • Let you choose from our selection of edges or provide a custom edge design for your bathroom vanity top.
  • Professional plumbing can be provided upon request.
  • Choose from a variety of FREE SINKS for your new vanity top.

Choose a stone and learn more about our materials or learn about our 1 week installation process:









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23+ years in the countertop business! Our experience speaks for itself.


Customer satisfaction guaranteed! We won't leave the job until you're happy with it.

Discount Pricing

Our pricing is fair & competetive, and we make sure to pass our industry discounts to our customers.

1 Week Completion

From the moment you select your stone, we'll set it up within ONE week!

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