Are Stone Countertops Worth It?

The short answer is yes!

But that answer will not suffice the smart buyer, so let’s get deeper into the reasons why stone countertops for your kitchen are worth every last penny.

The Sheer Beauty of Natural Stone

This reason might seem superficial and vague, but the beauty that sleek, well-made countertops can add to your home goes a long way. Do you remember when you bought your house? Now imagine having walked into a beautiful granite or quartz kitchen, how much of an impression would that have had on you? Stone countertops can give your house a positive spotlight in the real estate market and add value to your home! Potential home buyers are looking for the most bang for their buck, and are often driven to buy by the simple fact that one home is prettier than the other. A stone kitchen is a beautiful thing to enjoy in the present, and a seed that will bare profitable fruit in the future.

The Durability Factor

Stone is hardy, durable, and great for kitchens. Choosing the right stone is important, for kitchens – granite tends to be the best fit due to its heat resistance, hardness, and impermeability. As opposed to other materials, well sealed granite will not scratch, crack, or chip easily. Granite will not absorb liquids, so forget those hideous soft drink stains. A well made granite kitchen can last up to 10 years before it needs any touching up! A daily wipe down with warm soapy water will have your granite looking new again!

The Cost

You’ve probably read somewhere online that stone countertops can run upwards of $125 dollars a square foot! Let me debunk that myth right now. Although it is true that some countertops can reach those prices, most of the time a nice kitchen can be purchased for around $32 dollars a square foot. Let’s do the math, if your kitchen is 50 square feet, at 32 dollars a square foot, the price for your new countertops would be somewhere in the ballpark of $1700.00 dollars. On average americans spend about $1200.00 dollars on fast food each year! Drop the burgers, and beautify your home!

Overall, stone countertops can be a worthy investment for a home owner. They add value to your home, make your home stand out in today’s competitive real estate market, and are a beautiful addition to any living space. If you’ve been on the verge of making the decision to install stone into your home, wait no longer!

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