Best White Granites

A Look at the Best White Granites for Your Interior Decoration Needs
One of the biggest challenges many homeowners and decorators face is choosing the right granite kitchen countertops. This is especially true when you’re dead-set on marble, but aren’t quite willing to invest in that expensive stone. The good news is that there are granites that can give you a similar fine finish, while avoiding some of marble’s most glaring weaknesses (like its tendency to stain, for example). Here are some of the best white granites to help simplify your interior design efforts.

Colonial White Granite
Mined in India, this white granite is renowned for its marble-like veining. The veins appear in a variety of different colors, ranging from taupe to blue and gray. It’s among the most commonly-used granite kitchen countertops, and is prized for its beauty and durability.

River White Granite
River White Granite is also mined in India, and offers a translucent background with vein colors similar to those seen in the Colonial slabs. Like Colonial granite, it comes in larger slabs, making it a great option for anyone looking for the ideal piece for a kitchen island. The name comes from the linear patterns of the veins.

Thunder White Granite
This Brazilian stone offers gray and blood-red tones in the vein patterns, offering an elegance and dramatic flair that many other granites lack. It’s also highly versatile, and can accommodate a variety of different finishes.

Delicatus White
Hailing from the mines of Finland, Delicatus white granite is a beautiful stone that provides the natural reflection most homeowners expect to see only with the finest marble countertops. It offers less color variation than many other types of granite, making it a great option for those who want their white granite kitchen countertops to be as close to pure white as possible.

Princess White
This South African stone is viewed by many experts as remarkably similar to Carrera marble. It offers similarly lush veining and faint blue accents that give it that classic look that so many homeowners prize.

Bethel White
Bethel White is an American granite that has been proclaimed the closest in appearance to Carrera marble – even closer than Princess White. Most people can’t distinguish between the two stones.

As you can see, there are many different options when you’re looking for the best white granites to substitute in place of marble countertops for your kitchen countertops. When price is a priority, these stones can help you to stay within your design budget!

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