Using Remnant Stone

As consumers we all love to save as much money as we can on our products. When purchasing stone products in particular the way to save money is NOT through coupons, special offers, or other bogus “25 dollar a square foot” deals. It’s by purchasing remnants!

What are remnants?

Remnants are exactly that, they are the remaining chunks of stone left over after fabricators do a job. A lot of the time fabricators, especially busy ones, have scrap material sitting at their workshop waiting for a smart shopper to ask the right question.”Do you have any remnants!” Yes, remnants are great, but their are some important things you need to know about remnants before you start planning your next stone project.

Let’s start with the cons of using remnant stone.

  • Remnants are small.

Although it is very possible that you’ll save a buck when purchasing remnants, let’s not forget that remnants are the remainders of a previous job. They are the crust of an artisanal pizza, not the whole pie! Remnants work great for small tables, small vanities, and other jobs that require only a small piece of stone.

  • Damage

Since remnants are leftovers, they are usually racked outdoors, exposing them to the elements. This can lead to various kind of physical damage. Remnants often have minimal scratches, caused by the use of saws and grinders during the fabrication of the slab. Remnants can also have water marks, rust, stains, and chips caused by: rain, temperature change, and sun exposure as they sit outside.

  • Choice

By choice I mean the power to choose the exact stone you desire. Since remnants are leftovers you’ll often have settle for a stone the fabricator provides, rather than the stone you had in mind.

Let’s now examine the advantages of using remnants.

  • Cheaper

Yes, remnants can be a little cheaper, this is only because the fabricator does not have that extra material cost to pay for a whole slab. You save money, by doing absolutely nothing!

  • Quality of Stone

This is a biggie in the remnant world. There are gems hiding in every fabricators scrap yard, ask for good quality remnants. You can get a small piece of high quality granite installed, for the price you would’ve payed for a new slab of low grade granite. Your home is that much more beautiful,and you didn’t spend an extra dime!

  • Environmental Factor

Using a piece of stone that otherwise would’ve gone to waste, leaves less of a carbon footprint than using new stone. By giving a remnant piece of stone a new home, you help the world, and your wallet.

In conclusion, using remnant stone can be a great choice when dealing with small stone projects. You can save a little money, help the environment, and possibly get nicer stone than what you had in mind. Remember these things, and if you’re interested browse our current stock of remnant stone online.

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