Best Marble Alternatives

There are few home decor materials that are more universally cheered than natural marble countertops. It’s a beautiful and durable stone that has been a prized building material for thousands of years. Unfortunately, marble can be an expensive home decor option. That’s why we’ve collected a list of some of the best marble alternatives to ensure that your home can benefit from that classical marble look without breaking your home decor budget.


If you’re looking for a more affordable option than marble, a quartz countertop is one of the first options that you should consider. Quartz countertops are such a great alternative to marble that many people often have difficulty distinguishing between the two materials. While it is a man-made material, quartz is generally stain and scratch-free, and can require even less maintenance than natural stone.

White Concrete

White concrete is another of the best marble alternatives on the market today, and can help to ensure that your home interior decor improvements add value without draining your wallet. The material provides that marble-like touch of elegance, stain protection, and heat resistance that is essential for today’s modern kitchen countertops. White concrete is also a preferred option for many homeowners who enjoy do-it- yourself countertop projects.


No look at alternatives to marble could possibly be complete without mentioning quartzite counters. If you’re looking for a more affordable option for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, then this material may be the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and cost-savings. It’s a natural stone that is as tough as granite, but as elegant and gorgeous as classical marble. Pure quartzite tends to have that glorious white appearance that people crave from marble. If you’re interested in something with a little more flare, however, you can also find it streaked with dark veins. Like marble, it is highly resistant to staining and heat. Unlike marble, it is also resistant to water and acidic compounds – two things that can often scar marble when the stone is exposed to them for any length of time.


White Macaubus Quartzite


Neolith is a very new material, but it’s a great one. It uses raw materials found in quartz, porcelain, and glass to create durable and beautiful slabs. Many of the imitation marble slabs made by Neolith are amazingly similar to the real thing. Neolith is lightweight, scratch, and heat resistant. It offers a wide variety of colors and styles, and a lot of the ties is cheaper than white marble!

Classical marble never really goes out of style, but many homeowners lack the resources to add it to their decor. Thankfully, the beat marble alternatives can provide you with that same level of stylish elegance, while helping you to avoid the excessive costs associated with marble countertops and similar features. Those benefits can help you stretch those home decor dollars even further, and maximize your house’s interior design appeal.

Faux Marble

Be on the look out for false advertisements for manufactured marble, portrayed as a replacement for the natural version. Faux marble can end up being costlier and less durable, read our guide to the dangers of faux marble to find out more.

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