How To Take Care Of White Marble

White marble like the ivory shades of Carrara is among the most elegant of all interior design materials. It can add an instant touch of elegance to your marble countertops, and adds significant value to any home’s price. That elegance can come with a great deal of responsibility, however, as kitchen or bathroom countertops that utilize a white marble slab can require consistent care to ensure that they always look their best. It’s essential that you know how to take care of white marble if you want it to maintain its stellar appearance.

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Be Consistent

First, you need to be committed to your marble if you want it to remain beautiful and in pristine condition. White marble is notorious for showing stains and even minor discolorations when this maintenance is neglected. Cleaning, sealing, and polishing of the stone is an absolute must:

Use mild cleansers rather than soap. There are marble cleaners that you can buy commercially, but you can also rely on simple detergent and warm water. Wash it a few times a week, rinse with plain water, and dry using the softest cloth material you can find. Never use soap or fat-based cleaners, since those can cause your white stone to darken over time.
Marble need sealant, since it’s such a porous stone. That sealant should be applied every three months to prevent the stone from absorbing moisture, liquids, and other compounds that can cause it to lose its luster.
Marble should be polished regularly as well, to eliminate etching and maintain that smooth finish. You can get the right kind of buffing cloth and marble powder for the job from your countertop dealer or hardware outlets.
Remember the Stone’s Vulnerabilities

Every stone has its own vulnerabilities. You need to consider marble’s weaknesses during your maintenance efforts:

Keep acidic away from the surface, since acidic compounds can create etching and other damage.
Leave crack and etching repairs to the professionals.
Wipe up water deposits right away, to avoid rings and other markings.
Use ammonia mixtures to eliminate any mold. Detergent mixes can usually help with stains if you use them right away.
Once you learn how to take care of white marble, you’ll find that it’s really a lot simpler than it might seem at first glance. With the right commitment to regular maintenance and the right level of appreciation for the stone and its strengths and weaknesses, you can ensure that your marble countertops continue to look their best for centuries to come.

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